Text & Multimedia Messaging Platform
For Dealership Service Teams

Singlethread Simplifies Communication With Customers, Shortens Vehicle Repair
Cycle & Helps You Sell More Hours Per RO


Making Service Phone Calls &
Leaving Lengthy Voicemails Is A Hassle

The Average Text Message Is Read In Less Than 90 Seconds. Why Aren’t You Using The Power Of Texting To Skyrocket Your Service Team’s Efficiency Through The Roof?
Singlethread Leverages Texting to Streamline Service Communication & Increases Revenue

Singlethread Is The Most Powerful Messaging
Platform for Service Terms

Text Messaging - Singlethread

Text Messaging

Instantly text your customers with service & repair updates. Send estimated time of work completion and notify them when their vehicle is ready to pick up.

Digital Inspection - Singlethread

Video & Digital Inspection

Singlethread Vehicle Inspection replaces messy paper forms that don’t get used with pictures, videos and mobile quotes that help you sell more hours per repair order.

Mobile Payment - Singlethread

Mobile Payments

With the Singlethread app, your customers can make online payments with a single click on a button. No more waiting for the cashier.

Customer followup - Singlethread

Automated Customer Follow Up

 Singlethread automates your customer follow-up. Completed in real-time and on-schedule, you’ll never have to worry about the follow-up process again. With built-in mobile app notifications and dashboard, you’ll spend less time following-up and more time generating revenue.

Team Chat - Singlethread

Team Chat

Poor communication can be a major bottleneck to the number of vehicles you service, negatively impact the customer experience, and ultimately cost you money. With Singlethread, you have the power to quickly communicate with employees and customers, all in one seamless view.

Vehicle Inspection - Singlethread

Vehicle Inspections

We replace messy paper forms with pictures, videos, and mobile quotes for vehicle inspection purposes. This eliminates confusion and helps you sell more hours per repair order.

Improve Teamwork - Singlethread

Improve Teamwork, Service More Vehicles

Save your service department’s time with Singlethread’s electronic dispatching and team collaboration tools to generate an easy-to-use workflow. This unique process removes the usual hiccups and forms a more structured arrangement for efficient teamwork.

Services messaging - Singlethread

Automated Declined Services Messaging

Set up automated messaging for your service team with Singlethread’s DMS direct integration. Your service team can now generate custom opcodes when they want to open or close an RO function on a specific timetable.
Automated Reporting - Singlethread

Automated Reporting

Dealers will be updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis via email, showing them their department’s performance. This report will include the number of pictures and videos sent to customers and team members, the average number of text messages, and the average response time for inbound texts.

A Texting Platform That Caters Timely Follow-Ups With
Customers Is Integral For Your Dealership’s Survival

You Deserve Excellent Reputation Amongst Your Clients

800+ Clients - Singlethread

800+ Dealership Service Teams Rely on Singlethread for Unified Communication.

7000+ vehicles monthly served - Singlethread

7000+ Vehicles are Serviced Monthly using Singlethread Platform.

Timely Text Notifications - Singlethread

58000+ Vehicle Owners Get Timely Text Notifications with Messaging Powered By Singlethread

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We have flexible pricing plans to suit dealerships of all sizes. No matter what your budget is, we have something for you.

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These Dealerships Tripled Their Service Revenue
With Singlethread in less than 60 days. What Will You Do?

These Dealerships Tripled Their Service Revenue
With Singlethread in less than 60 days. What Will You Do?

Testimonial - Singlethread

Dan Kasic - Gorno Ford

Singlethread has been a tremendous game changer for us in customer satisfaction and communication.

Testimonial 1 - Singlethread

Paul Schwegman - Inver Grove Volkswagen

For the first time their service departments avg customer pay hours per R/O went from the mid 1.5 to 2.3 hrs per R/O and credited Singlethread as the major factor in allowing them to reach this remarkable achievement

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    What Integrations do you provide?

    Our Software Integrates with Top Dealership Solutions. Visit our platform section to see the complete list of Software that we integrate with.

    What is the pricing for this Product?

    Our Pricing plans are customized for each dealership. Click here to visit our pricing page Or Chat with one of our Live Agents.

    How long does the Software take to go Live?

    It takes less than 24 hours for us to give you access to your Singlethread Cloud app.