Text Messaging

The new standard for customer communication.

With Singlethread’s text messaging tool, back-and-forth communication with your automotive customers becomes that much easier and faster! Get a hold of our text messaging platform to reduce the vehicle repair cycle and generate more hours per RO!

Frequent Repair - Singlethread

Frequent Repair & Service
Updates Via Text Messaging

Customers want to be kept in the loop about their car’s repair and service progress. You can now send customers frequent updates on which stage their car repair is on and the estimated time of completion. Once the car is ready for pick-up, notify them via text.

Organized DMS - Singlethread

Organized DMS

A crucial element of a smoothly-flowing service department is having stable DMS integration. Eliminate duplicated data entry with Singlethread’s certified DMS integration and grant your service department a smooth and dynamic workflow.

Singlethread phone - Singlethread
Instant replies - Singlethread

Get Instant Replies From
Customers Using Singlethread!

In this day and age of always being on the run, customers rarely respond to phone calls. Singlethread’s text messaging tool changes the game by allowing service teams to receive responses from customers in less than 90 seconds!

Fast Customer Service - Singlethread

Customer Service

The days of waiting on hold are long gone. Now, it’s all about sending texts to get urgent messages across promptly! Our text messaging tool lets the service staff jump right in with answering your queries and requests – all through text!

Automatic Message Delivery - Singlethread

Automatic Text Message Delivery

With the helping hand of A.I, Singlethread authorizes automatic text messages to update customers in a flash and Singlethread will do the storing for you!

Seamless Integration - Singlethread

Seamless Integration:

It's Seamless with Singlethread

Singlethread seamlessly integrates its modules through a comprehensible design that promotes stress-free desktop and mobile usage. You can quickly update your customers via text, send them videos, images of their car, and process speedy payments all with your fingertips! Get in, get out, and get on with your day with Singlethread!

Seamless Integration - Singlethread