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Automated Customer Follow Up

Automatic Service Visit Follow-up.

Singlethread automates your customer follow-up, with built-in mobile app notifications and dashboards. You no longer must worry about the follow-up process. Instead, you will be busy generating more revenue.

Notification - Singlethread


Singlethread will notify negative feedback so that you can solve these problems in a blink of an eye!

Automatic - Singlethread


Singlethread can be adjusted to automatically follow-up for you. Using a manual template can also add a nice personalized touch.

Schedule - Singlethread


Singlethread sends feedback only on your customers’ schedule to avoid interrupting them at the wrong time.

Seamless Integration - Singlethread

Seamless Integration:

It's Seamless with Singlethread

Singlethread seamlessly integrates its modules through a comprehensible design that promotes stress-free desktop and mobile usage. You can quickly update your customers via text, send them videos, images of their car, and process speedy payments all with your fingertips! Get in, get out, and get on with your day with Singlethread!

Seamless Integration - Singlethread