3 Internal Communications Mistakes That Most Dealers Make

3 Internal Communications Mistakes That Most Dealers Make

If you are an automotive dealer, you must have an effective internal communications strategy. There are many mistakes that dealerships make when it comes to internal communications. For example, they may send messages to customers at the wrong time, or they may not be listening to employees who have suggestions or are giving feedback on what is going wrong. There are robust communication solutions available through companies like Singlethread, offering services in Georgia and nationwide in the USA.

In this blog post, we share three common communication mistakes – and ways you can fix them!

1) Not Paying Attention to Employee Feedback

If you’re not listening to your employees, it’s time you start doing so. Poorly established lines of communication act as a hindrance in ensuring effective internal communication as employees hesitate in sharing their thoughts with the higher management.

You need to allow employees to share feedback and issues openly without fearing any repercussions. Provide avenues for them such as anonymous surveys or town hall meetings to voice their opinions freely and provide opportunities for dialogue between different parts of the company. Encourage managers at all levels to take on this responsibility by asking questions regularly about how people are feeling and what is going on.

2) No Internal Communication Strategy

This is one of the most common problems among dealerships. When there’s no strategy in place for internal communications, employees are more likely to stop talking about whatever they’re thinking and feeling.

Situations like this can quickly lead to frustration from all those involved. Managers who don’t know what their teams are dealing with and employees’ frustration that upper management doesn’t understand them or care about their feedback results in chaos. Clients notice this gap in communication and can see that people aren’t up-to-speed on everything happening at your dealership—or worse, trying too hard to hide it!

3) Not Monitoring Results

This is a mistake that’s hard to avoid, and the best way to avoid it is by incorporating internal company surveys. When surveys are conducted regularly, it will show you what areas need more attention in your business.

A dealership needs to track how teams are functioning and whether they are achieving the desired results. This will help you understand better where your team members are excelling and where they need more support.

Dealerships of all sizes need to monitor how teams are functioning and whether or not they are achieving the desired results. With regular surveys incorporated into company culture, employees have an opportunity to voice what needs attention so that business owners can make changes accordingly.

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