4 Reasons Your Dealership Should Upgrade To Singethread’s Mobile Payments

4 Reasons Your Dealership Should Upgrade To Singethread’s Mobile Payments

The communication methods of the customers have changed significantly. They send text messages and tweets, and new car dealerships are catching up with the times! Singlethread’s new mobile payment system is a relatively new concept that many businesses have adopted in recent years. What is it? It’s an innovative service for car dealerships. Read on to learn more about Singlethread’s technology solutions and their many benefits for your dealership in Atlanta, GA!

Automotive Industry and Single Thread

Auto dealers love the simplicity of the Single Thread mobile payment platform. Running a successful business is already a stressful and important job – offering excellent services, keeping clients up to speed, maintaining efficient operations, doing effective marketing, and so on. As a result, they deserve some leeway when it comes to payment.

If you’re curious about the benefits of Single Thread’s mobile payment solution for the automobile dealership, take a look at this list.

Customer Service

Customers also appreciate Singlethread’s mobile payment platform, which increases the quality of their engagement with your car dealership. They don’t have to drive to the bank, withdraw cash, come down to the lot, submit it, and worry about being short on money. They can send the money using the app.


No matter the industry, every customer deserves a secure transaction. With Single Thread’s mobile payment solution, security is a priority for customers and dealers alike. All mobile payments made through the mobile pay platform are secured by high levels of encryption, protecting both you and your customers from internet assaults. There is also no risk of stolen money during a robbery or mugging because everything is done digitally, ensuring your payment.


Customers love the convenience of sending money to your car dealership using text messages on their smartphones or tablets. It saves them time and energy from going through traditional cashier checks that require trips to the bank. The dealership can take advantage of Single Thread to accept payments in a single transaction. There are no issues or delays to speak of.

Paperless Trail

Today, many companies choose to go entirely paperless for various reasons, not simply because of the environmental benefits but also the other advantages. You have to generate, manage, and safeguard receipts with paper manually, and if you need them again in the future, you’ll probably find yourself digging through hundreds of pages. Storing your data requires physical space, which increases operation costs.

However, with Singlethread, you may still forget future responsibility because the platform provides digital receipts for all transactions, which may be kept in the cloud to eliminate the need for paper. You are essentially maintaining a paper trail, but without the issues of document storage on paper, finding things digitally is much easier, faster, and less time-consuming.

The Gist

After considering all of these advantages, it’s clear that Singlethread’s mobile payment system is precisely what every dealership should use to make their transaction simpler.

Singlethread extends its expert knowledge on text messaging tools and mobile payment platforms that can help you connect with your customers in Atlanta, GA. Get a live demo now!