5 Feisty Team Chat Tips To Help Your Dealership Perform Better

5 Feisty Team Chat Tips To Help Your Dealership Perform Better

Team chat has become an integral part of dealership management. It is how dealership employees stay connected and collaborate on projects, find answers to questions, share files, and ensure they are always in sync with what is going on across the dealership.

Many dealerships use team chat because it provides a sense of camaraderie among their staff; however, if you are not using it correctly, then it can be distracting.

Do you feel like your dealership team chat is a dead zone? It’s time to make a change. There are plenty of things that you can do to turn your dealership team chat into a successful part of your dealership.

Today’s blog post will discuss five feisty tips on how dealership teams can use team chats to make their dealership thrive.

1. Adopt an Open Culture

Make sure all employees feel comfortable speaking up when they have something important or critical to say. It’s crucial for managers who may not know what’s going on at every level of their dealership.

2. Use it to Keep Everyone in Sync

To stay productive, dealership teams need to know what’s going on at all times. You can achieve this through team chats by using them as a way for dealership employees to communicate instantly when something important happens or requires immediate attention.

If an employee has critical information they must share with others, it makes sense to use a dealership chat system that allows employees to communicate in real-time.

3. Create Dealership Chat Rooms for Specific Departments

If you have a service department, create a team chat room that only employees in the service area can post to.

This can be helpful if there’s an ongoing issue with one of your vehicles, and it needs constant attention from multiple technicians working together on the problem at hand. By creating a separate dealership chat room, each dealership technician can easily communicate and pass along important information.

4. Make Dealership Chat Rooms Private

Private dealership chat rooms can be helpful when you’re having an in-house conversation that doesn’t need to get out.

This is especially helpful if the dealership technicians discuss a problem with one of your vehicles during work hours. This prevents customers from overhearing sensitive dealership information while they wait for their cars.

5. Set Dealership Chat Room Guidelines 

It is vital to establish a list of rules for your dealership team members when using the dealership chat room. By setting these ground rules, you can avoid inappropriate behavior within the dealership chat rooms.

The chat room should remain professional at all times, and everyone must be aware of that.

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