About Us

Customer satisfaction is more complicated than ever before. Especially when every automobile dealership out there is striving to achieve customer loyalty through outstanding service.

Nowadays, customers leave all the time and go to a competitor – not telling you why they left your service.

In any case, it is your company that loses revenue. So you need to ensure that clients don’t leave.

But how to go about it?

Communication is Key

It’s no surprise that excellent communication is the best way to boost customer loyalty.

Effective communication involves staying in touch with customers and keeping them informed about the progress of their vehicle repair. This is easier said than done.

As soon as customers bring their cars for repair, text messages and voice messages start to flood in. There is a lot of waiting on hold and calling back. For your customer service team, following-up and responding to each of these messages can be frustrating.

What you need are the right communication tools that will help you streamline financial operations, deliver efficient and cost-saving outreach, and offer approachable customer service.

Try Singlethread

Singlethread was created by industry veterans to solve a long-standing problem: poor communication during vehicle repair service.

The solution comes in the form of an automatic text messaging system that keeps customers updated about their vehicle status, at every stage of the repair process.

With certified and secured DMS integration, Singlethread automatically captures vehicle progress and keeps all customers updated. You can also reach customers directly, without the hassle of voicemail.

All in all, Singlethread offers a seamless and unified communication system that covers text messaging, vehicle inspection, mobile payments, chat support, and customer follow-up.

In today’s tech-based and customer-oriented world, we will help you improve customer service and gain an edge over your competitors. Try SingleThread today!