How Dealerships Become The Go-To Auto Repair Solution

How Dealerships Become The Go-To Auto Repair Solution

For your car to run well, you must undertake the responsibility of its repair and regular servicing for maintenance. The question that comes to your mind: shall I take my car to a local and independent auto repair shop or the auto dealership repair service?

As a vehicle owner in Atlanta, GA, you will rightfully discover how dealerships become your go-to auto repair solution in the following 6 situations:

1. Warranties

Dealerships offer warranties for free servicing and repairs. The manufacturers pay dealers to perform this service. These warranties may be good nationwide under an extensive network of dealers. If your warranty expires, you can buy an extended warranty or pay for repairs and servicing as needed. Some car dealers even offer lifetime warranties!

2. Specialized Technicians

At auto dealerships, their technicians are specialists. Manufacturers train the technicians so they can become specialized in your vehicle brand. Manufacturers offer training only to their network of dealers. Technicians often receive continual training, which makes them more knowledgeable about new developments in the automobile industry. It would be safe to assert that your car is in expert hands!

3. Original Manufacturer Parts

Dealerships only offer original manufacturer parts for the repair and services of your vehicle. The original equipment parts represent a standard of quality and engineering that only the manufacturer can authorize. Original equipment guarantees you the quality and longevity of the parts. It is also common to benefit from a warranty on auto parts and labor for repairs and services offered by the dealerships.

4. Esoteric Mechanical issues

Each vehicle brand has its own mechanical and maybe even an electronic system. These cause esoteric issues which require specialized technical services. Dealerships are always equipped with diagnostic equipment. There may be software updates or some complex issue that dealers and their specialized services can best manage.

5. Recalls and Service Bulletins

When it comes to technical service bulletins and manufacturer recalls, dealer service departments have a distinct advantage. Manufactures send TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) to their dealer network for any repairs or special procedures for a specific problem. Dealers will automatically check for TSBs when you come in for service.

6. Amenities

Dealerships can afford to offer you amenities like waiting rooms with comfortable chairs, vending machines, and free coffee. Some dealers even provide shuttle service or loaners so that you can go about your business instead of waiting. While you are letting the experts take care of your car, rest assured that your convenience is also being cared for.

If any of the above situations present themselves, it is best to accept that dealership auto services are your go-to solution.

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