How Digital Inspections Help Auto Dealerships Increase Revenue

How Digital Inspections Help Auto Dealerships Increase Revenue

Rapid technological innovations are driving all industries towards implementing digital technology solutions, including the auto repair industry.

Traditional auto repair professionals inspect visiting automobiles visually and list down the problems as they examine the vehicle. This conventional inspection method is time-consuming and involves many other challenges. Subsequently, many auto repair teams today prefer digital inspections over traditional means.

Modern technicians prefer running tests and storing inspection results on a laptop or tablet for their convenience. The recorded data includes videos, pictures, and other forms of collected information. The stored data is shared with the customer for further correspondence to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

In addition to making inspections convenient and straightforward, digital integration also increases your overall revenue. If you’re unsure about how digital inspections can lead to revenue, here are some points that will convince you. You can also discuss the benefits of digital inspections with Singlethread, the premier video and digital inspection platform in Nashville, TN.

Promotes Efficiency

Although carrying out digital inspections may seem awkward initially, it improves your communication and efficiency in the long run. Service professionals can update a vehicle’s status by clicking a mouse while surfing through a repair process.

Not only does digitization allow updating a vehicle’s status, but it also enables sending notifications to the team after each step. This helps keep everyone in the dealership on the same page, improving overall efficiency and productivity. Improved efficiency aids in increasing revenue as processes that once took hours to complete are now finished in minutes.

Prevents Loss

The traditional inspection methods don’t invoke much confidence in modern vehicle owners. Let’s say you notice significant damage in a vehicle’s rims and communicate the problem to the car owner; however, the car owner refutes your claims and puts the entire blame on your dealership, calling out your team members for inflicting damage during service. In such a situation, you will not have strong evidence to make your claim and defend yourself against the allegations.

Having a sophisticated digital inspection mechanism means identifying all visible problems to the visitor with clear photos and videos of the required work. More importantly, you can display the images before your team even begins work on the vehicle. This helps your dealership save a significant amount in loss prevention.


Another benefit of detailed digital inspections is that you will identify the additional work a vehicle needs. Documenting each problem on a video or a picture is the best part of the entire process as the customer can see and understand each situation.

The smooth inspection process helps bring in more potential leads to your auto repair shop. Customers who trust digital automation and technology will visit your business for a complete digital inspection.

Singlethread, the premier text and multimedia messaging platform for dealerships in Nashville, TN, now offers quality digital inspection services to its clients. In addition to formulating a strategy for attractive messages for customers, we help dealerships digitize their inspection process and improve overall communication.

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