How Singlethread Is Better Than Email For Internal Communication

How Singlethread Is Better Than Email For Internal Communication

Less than a decade ago, the preferred mode of communication within organizations around the world used to be email. Emails were a cheap means of communication that recorded conversations and could be sent and received remotely. However, as the business landscape evolved, so did communication, this once preferred professional method is now on the cusp of replacement.

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Another digital means of communication is now contending for the crown of the most effective business communication channel – chat. Many businesses are still hesitant about switching to chat as they think emails are a more professional medium. Nonetheless, the transition is underway due to the innumerable benefits that it offers, which better suits the current environment.

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Why Is Chat Better For Businesses?

  • Team chats are instant, and messaging can be done on the fly. You can start receiving messages as soon as you go online and can respond back within minutes. Since discussions can take place at a faster pace, more prompt decisions can be taken, and employee’s valuable time is saved. In
  • today’s fast-paced business environment, quick decision-making, and being agile can help companies get an edge over their competition.
  • Instant messaging can elevate responsiveness as teammates reply faster via chat, which eliminates delays and lost messages. With email, there is always the risk of losing an important email due to an influx of messages. Also, since with chats you have to reply back immediately, you cannot forget to reply to any messages.
  • Chat messaging is brief and to the point and has an informal and casual format, which allows users to communicate with each other more freely and effectively. You don’t have to use a professional tone, which means you can save time and energy by forgoing all ‘Yours sincerely’ and ‘Best regards,’ and can quickly sum up the issue with anything being lost in translation or any miscommunication.
  • Since most chat apps have the feature of ‘read status’ for messages, it increases employee accountability, as they cannot use excuses like ‘I didn’t read the messages’ or ‘I didn’t open the chat’ and will have to respond back.
  • Chat also increases the likelihood of messages being read as recipients get instant notifications about new messages, so they do not miss out on any messages. This could become inconvenient, but there is a mute option allowing users to read and respond back to messages later if they are completing an ongoing task.
  • Most chat apps boast numerous tools and features and can be integrated with third-party platforms to improve team collaboration and productivity, and allowing projects to be completed more quickly as stakeholders get instant notifications and updates.
  • Chat apps are more user-friendly, and their tools are also easier to use, which allows for more efficient communication. Email configuration and personalization are much more complicated, which is why most features remain unexplored.

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