How Single Thread Reduces Dealerships’ Liability

How Single Thread Reduces Dealerships’ Liability

Automotive repair is a risky business for both dealerships and customers, which is why many amendments have been introduced into the law to protect the rights of all parties. Previously there were many complaints regarding vehicle repair matters, so the specifics were highlighted by authorities to avoid problems. 

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However, despite the presence of clear and solid laws and regulations, car repair has still been an issue due to three reasons – misunderstanding/miscommunication between the mechanic and client, the client doesn’t want to pay for the repairs, mechanic wants to overcharge by doing unauthorized repairs. There is a simple solution to all of this – maintain records.

Recording and maintaining each and every conversation and transaction is a hassle, so it becomes hard to produce the required evidence when needed.

One way dealerships can reduce their liability and streamline their auto repair process is by employing Single Thread. Single Thread provides dealerships with web-based tools that help service departments improve communication, sell more, and succeed in today’s rapidly-changing, mobile-first world.

Their software is the key to all your problems since it will initiate, record, and maintain all communication, reports, forms, and transactions exchanged between your representatives and the customer. This way, you have proof just a few clicks away in case your client decides to sue.

Below are a few things that Single Thread offers.

Secure Payments

Single Thread uses highly secure partners and bank-grade encryption to process payments. It captures payments from your customer’s mobile device and transfers it directly to your merchant account. The best part of all this, apart from the security and convenience of it all, is the printable documentation. Single Thread generates receipts and payment confirmations to create a paper audit trail.

Easy Communication

Single Thread’s text messaging tool allows quick and easy communication, which means you don’t have to wait days to get authorization from your customer for additional repairs, and their response would be recorded so they can’t deny it.

Long Term Storage

All the videos, photographs, communication, and documentation are safe in Single Thread’s data storage, which is unlimited. You can store as much media as you need for an indefinite amount of time in the cloud without losing a single file.

100% Transparency

Single Thread offers real-time inspections, reports, and message updates so your clients are always up to date with the condition and progress of their vehicle’s repair process. All the media sent to the client and the digital versions of OEM inspection forms are recorded. The forms are available in a digital version and can be printed.

We have a simple solution to all your dealership’s text messaging woes. Single Thread offers a seamless automatic text messaging system to dealerships in Dallas, TX, so your customers can stay updated about their vehicle status at every stage of the repair process. Click here to get a free live demo.