How Single Thread’s Mobile Pay Platform Benefits Auto Dealers

How Single Thread’s Mobile Pay Platform Benefits Auto Dealers

Single Thread’s mobile pay platform is a big convenience for auto dealers. Running a successful dealership is already a hectic and critical task – providing top-notch services, keeping customers up to date, maintaining smooth operations, doing effective marketing, and more. Therefore, when it comes to payment, they do deserve to be cut a little slack.

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If you are wondering what benefits Single Thread’s mobile pay platform provides the auto dealership, then have a look below.


Single Thread allows quick and effortless payments. Clients can use the best payment app to transfer the money directly from their mobile to the dealership’s bank account within minutes. There are no causes for delays or issues.


High levels of encryption secure all mobile payments made through the mobile pay platform to protect both you and your customers against online attacks. Also, since money doesn’t literally change hands, as everything is done digitally, there is no chance of it getting stolen during a robbery or mugging, which guarantees your payment.

Customer Service

Customers also enjoy the convenience and security of Single Thread’s mobile pay platform, which in turn elevates their customer experience of dealing with your auto dealership. They do not have to go all the way to the bank, withdraw money, come down to the dealership, submit it, and all the while worry that they have cash on them. They can simply transfer the funds through the app.

Paperless Trail

Many businesses nowadays prefer to go completely paperless, not just due to the environmental benefits but also due to the other advantages of going digital.

With paper, you have to create, manage, and secure the receipt manually, and if you ever need them in the future, you have to sort through thousands of sheets. Storing your records also requires a secure physical space, which adds to your running costs.

However, with Single Thread, you can still shrug off future liability as all the transactions made through the platform have digital receipts, which can be stored in the cloud to eliminate the need for paper. Essentially, you are maintaining a paper trail, but without the issues of recordkeeping on paper, like finding documents digitally is much easier, effortless, and faster to search as you can use keywords and input filters.

After looking at all these benefits, it is evident that Single Thread’s mobile payment platform is precisely what every dealership should use to simplify their payment process.

The auto repair process is hard enough; you do not need to make it harder for yourself and your clients by physically carrying out all transactions when you have the chance to do all of it with a few clicks.

Single Thread offers a communication software that provides several additional benefits to dealerships in Atlanta, GA, so your customers get a matchless experience. Click here to get a free live demo.