How Singlethread Improves Shop Efficiency

How Singlethread Improves Shop Efficiency

Singlethread is the premium communication tool for automotive repair shops and car dealerships. It streamlines and optimizes both internal and external communication through its range of useful features that are designed to cut down businesses’ time, effort and cost, and improve customer experience.

Singlethread also helps improve employee accountability and management and reduces liability by documenting each and every response, transaction, process, and results.

Singlethread is exactly what your dealership needs to provide an elevated auto repair experience to your clients in Atlanta, GA. Click here to get a free live demo.

Considering the numerous benefits of Singlethread, it is only wise for dealerships to employ it in their daily operations. On top of all the benefits of Singlethread listed above, the application can also improve shop efficiency.

Singlethread allows for internal communication between Service Advisor, parts team, technicians, and everyone involved in the auto repair process through one single platform. This helps keep everyone in the room, allows for effective communication, and eliminates the time and effort that was previously spent updating everyone individually.

Clients have to sign off on all car repair and replacement processes because, according to the law, customers cannot pay for unauthorized repairs. Thus, convincing customers that a repair is necessary becomes much easier with the Digital or Video Inspection along with the additional work quote. This is a huge time saver for getting work approved, which helps increase billable hours.

A great way to increase billable hours to impact shop efficiency positively is by using Singlethread – a text messaging app – as customers respond to text messages a lot faster than phone calls or emails.

Status updates can also be sent out throughout the repair process, which can be customized by the dealer. Videos and photographs can also be sent to showcase the work progress and eliminate the need for giving customers on-site inspections.

On top of everything else, shop efficiency can be further improved by Singlethread through the in-depth reporting suite that allows for management to track all users’ performance. Monitoring the performance allows the management to monitor lost sales, inspection completion per technician, inspection delivery per advisor, dollars per RO, and more.

This helps them take appropriate action to ensure that each auto repair technician is working productively and efficiently. Employees can be better trained if there are tangible results for the management to peruse, and Singlethread fills that information gap for dealerships.

Running an auto shop at full efficiency is no piece of cake. However, it is vital to stay competitive in the market. 

We have a simple and effective solution to all your dealership’s communication woes. Singlethread offers a seamless automatic text messaging system to dealerships and auto repair shops in Atlanta, GA, so your customers can stay updated about their vehicle status throughout the repair process. Click here to get a free live demo.