How To Collect Positive Reviews Through A Text Messaging Service

How To Collect Positive Reviews Through A Text Messaging Service

Customer reviews are an excellent tool for a business to analyze its performance and introspect on areas of improvement. These reviews give businesses a much-needed sense of direction and highlight areas where enhancements may be needed. Given the significance of reviews, modern companies adopt creative strategies to convince their customers to give positive feedback for their products and services. Word of mouth or reviews are usually the first thing customers pay attention to before dealing with a company; negative reviews are often a deal-breaker.

While there are multiple digital mediums of interaction with a customer, none works as effectively as the text messaging service. However, most businesses fail to interact with customers using text messaging services or collect positive reviews from them on other platforms. Singlethread in Nashville, TN, offers state-of-the-art text messaging solutions.

Businesses spend a considerable chunk of their marketing budget on text message software without fruitful results. To help you avoid this predicament, we’ve compiled a list of measures that will help you get positive reviews using text messaging. You should notice a visible difference once you correctly implement the strategies mentioned below.

Ask Politely, Yet Creatively

No one likes being told what to do, especially your customers. Being subtle in your strategy is the key to success; this is why we strongly suggest our clients refrain from asking directly for a positive review. Never tell anyone to give you a five-star rating; asking them to share their experience works well instead.

Learn to play with the wording, especially if being straightforward has not yielded positive results. Try framing appealing questions to the customers, explicitly designed to convince a specific demographic or audience type to leave a review. An indirect CTA like ‘let us know how we’re doing’ is a great way to encourage customers to leave a review.

Customers also don’t like navigating aimlessly after they click. This is why you should lead them to the review site as soon as they click the link. Leaving a review should be very easy, straightforward process.

Improve Text Messaging Process

Tracking text messaging data and customers interacting or leaving reviews using the data will help you further improve your service. Track your campaigns to notice which campaign received positive reviews and the audience type that interacts the most. Similarly, you can also create lists and reports to analyze the data gathered and improve the service.

Professional Assistance

A professional text messaging company will help you improve the conversion numbers on your text messaging service. The right team offers a great return on investment as you will notice a healthy increase in the positive reviews.

Singlethread offers qualified text message marketing for car dealerships. We design attractive messages for customers in Nashville, TN, to convince your clients to interact with your business.

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