How To Create Lifelong Customers Through Text Messaging

How To Create Lifelong Customers Through Text Messaging

With text messaging having a whopping 45% response rate, it is no wonder why text message marketing for car dealerships is all the buzz at the moment.

Every car dealership business on the block is using some form of innovative automotive text message marketing to boost their sales, serve and retain their customers, and make staggeringly high-profit margins in the midst of a pandemic where one-on-one interactions have drastically plummeted.

One of these car dealership businesses is SingleThread in Atlanta, GA, which provides car dealerships simplified communication with their customers using an easy-to-use text messaging app. This app allows the service team members to send repair and service updates to clients through instant messages in the form of images, videos, and audio clips.

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So just how are these car dealerships using SingleThread, a text and multimedia messaging platform, to create loyal, lifelong customers?

We give readers an insight into just how our dealership text messaging app is revolutionizing the car dealership industry and in turn, leaving customers happier and more satisfied with swift car repair updates!

Instant Messaging Done Right

Instant messaging has evolved over the years, now serving as a critical component in luring and retaining customers thanks to – as the word mentions – replying instantly to a customer’s urgent inquiries.

Time is of the essence and your customers simply don’t (and won’t) sit around waiting for your reply. This means only one thing; pick up your pace and reply to your customers as quickly as you can to let them know you value them and appreciate the fact that they selected you as their car repair and service provider.

With our instant car dealership text messaging service, customers’ queries are tended to efficiently, updates are given as frequently as required, such as the completion time for servicing their car and estimated time of pick up for their vehicle – all done instantly!

Digital Car Inspections

Say ‘good riddance’ to filling out unnecessary paper forms and say ‘hello’ to digital car inspections at SingleThread. With the help of our digital car inspection feature, we can send customers images, audio recordings, and videos of their car’s current state to keep them in the loop of their car repair progress.

By doing so, we help foster a relationship of trust, reliability, and satisfaction that cannot be achieved by most car dealerships who cut corners when repairing your vehicle and avoid being transparent when servicing your vehicle.

Making Mobile Payments Effortlessly Easy

Just like round-the-clock customer service is the backbone of any business, so is fast and secure mobile payments. There’s nothing a customer dreads more than waiting for a reply than standing in a long queue at the cashier to make a payment that otherwise would have taken less than 20 seconds!

And this is why SingleThread is groundbreaking – and creates a lifelong relationship with its customers. With our speedy and secure self-pay mobile payment option, customers can conveniently pay their service provider without any delays, additional fees, and pointless waiting!

And if that wasn’t impressive enough to lock in our customers, there’s more! With our mobile payment’s bank-level encryption, our customers’ data is fully armored from potential threats – your payment is tested repeatedly to ensure a secure payment transaction.

If you are on the hunt for a seamless, systematic, and simplified communication platform for your car dealership in Atlanta, GA, head on over to SingleThread and learn more about our innovative text messaging platform to help you sell more hours per RO today! Get a free live demo to get started!