How To Use Video-Inspections To Reduce Heavy Equipment Downtime At Body Shops!

How To Use Video-Inspections To Reduce Heavy Equipment Downtime At Body Shops!

Video inspection is the most robust & integral feature in the offerings by SingleThread that has revolutionized (if not already improved) the productive health of auto-repair shops, vehicle dealerships, and now heavy equipment body shops.

Time is money. If you are a construction contractor with intensive & specialized equipment and it suffers a miscalibration or repairs, the downtime alone can be costly. And if exacerbated by long hauls to the body shop and all the transport expenses to inspect your equipment, the costs can rack up relatively high. Any misstep at the body shop not communicated well can only inconvenience your brand and your customers.

This is why SingleThread is the way to manage all your heavy equipment during necessitated downtimes.

1. The Software Allows Instantaneous Exchange

SingleThread can handle all your queries on the digital front, to-and-from the dealership and dedicated body shop. You can acquire information at the touch of a button and even conduct mobile transactions via secure channels once the body shop has detailed your heavy equipment.

2. Travel Times Are Eliminated

With video inspection onboard with heavy equipment, all you need to do is send over your vehicles or the entire earth mover fleet just once, and the body shop will take care of the rest. Long gone are the days when you would have a busy equipment contractor called to the shop for ‘technical issues hard to define’. With SingleThread, you get a live video feed of the body shop procedures and the faults the shop team finds worthy of fixing, replacing, or maintenance. And you need not have to travel to the shop until the job is done.

3. Technical Information Is Documented:

Digital inspection forms are a specialty with SingleThread software as all user account data, body shop performance metrics, equipment valuation, inspection details, and remediations are all handled and stored for immediate retrieval for you to be signed over. This eliminates the need for paperwork and protects you from fraud and mechanic manipulation since all that is technically documented is verified through live visuals upon request.

4. Quick Handoff & Response Times

With automated texts reporting you of the body shop’s progress every step of the way in a friendly, direct, and non-intrusive presentation, getting updates no longer requires you to feel like you are badgering the staff for details. Our customer service and support panel are very particular so that you can have equipment specifics within minutes of a query. The quick response times, coupled with necessary interaction, save you time & money.

5. Automated Equipment Reporting & Follow Up

The job doesn’t end with you receiving your heavy equipment fleet and a bill; SingleThread utilizes follow-up reporting to avoid missing out on repeat contract deals and maintenance planning with a new feature or incentives initiated at the dealership you chose to work with. If there are replacements for legacy parts, SingleThread will ensure you are the first to know!

SingleThread has many more reasonably priced features in store that you can check, but we believe we have the ultimate solution to your equipment problems in Atlanta, GA, through a device easily nestled in your palm. Get in touch with us for a live demonstration at the touch of a button!