Why You Should Have A Service BDC For Your Car Dealership

Why You Should Have A Service BDC For Your Car Dealership

Digital technology continues to permeate car dealerships across the country. Many dealerships have incorporated Business Development Centers (BDC) to better serve their customers and boost inbound marketing efforts. 

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What Is A Business Development Center?

A BDC comprises employees working under a manager that serves as the customers’ initial point of contact. The center is responsible for handling appointments and managing inbound and outbound communications. 

In the long run, a BDC creates a smooth purchase and service experience for your customers. This experience will, in turn, build loyalty and increase the number of repeat clients. Many dealerships have a BDC for the sales end of the operations, but there are several reasons to set up a service BDC as well.

Retain And Attract More Customers

As mentioned above, BDC helps to provide an excellent customer experience. More often than not, customers leave a dealership because of poor service. They end up giving their business to a competitor. 

A poor customer experience occurs when your clients feel like they are talking to someone who doesn’t reply promptly or doesn’t have the relevant answers to their queries.

Customers can also sense a disconnect when the sales team doesn’t provide them the right information once they visit the dealership. With a BDC, you can ‘warm up’ your visitors with initial engagement. 

Nurture Your Leads

This follows from the previous point. Professionals skilled at servicing vehicles don’t often have the customer service skills to drive clients into your dealership. That is why a service BDC is vital for efficient lead management.

BDCs will be available to answer calls and messages from all your prospects. They will nurture the leads before setting up an appointment. They will also gain relevant information from the customers, provide follow-up, and communicate all the essential details to the sales team. 

Over time, this system makes it faster and cheaper to close a deal, making your business more profitable. This brings us to the next point. 

Achieve Economies Of Scale

A dedicated service BDC helps your business become more efficient. BDCs communicate promptly with customers. This means there is always an inflow of fresh leads in your business that can become serious customers. 

Moreover, BDC representatives will screen the prospects based on their personal and financial information. They will only pass on those leads to the sales team that is most likely to buy. They will answer inbound calls, address customer queries, set service appointments, confirm appointments, provide follow-up, etc. 

This helps your sales staff to focus on their core function: selling vehicles to showroom traffic.

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