Flattening The COVID-19 Curve- How Singlethread Is Offering Contactless Car Servicing

Flattening The COVID-19 Curve- How Singlethread Is Offering Contactless Car Servicing

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit globally, people are taking precautions in all aspects of their lives, including work. Many service providers are offering remote or contactless services. The same is happening in the auto repair and maintenance industry.

If you are thinking about how to find contactless auto inspection services near you, Singlethread in Atlanta, GA is doing exactly that! We have been providing contactless services to our customers during the pandemic.

This blog post describes how Singlethread has reached out to its customers during the pandemic and began providing the best services with the least amount of physical contact.

1. Video Inspections

Having a car is a necessity and maintaining it is also essential. A Car inspection is the first step towards determining the repair and maintenance needs of the vehicle. We have made this step safe for our customers by offering video inspections. So, the customers can remain in the safety of their premises and have their car inspected.

Our technician and the car owner communicate via a video call. This is the most efficient way of contacting a technician during a pandemic. Plus, its time saving and pocket-friendly. Now you don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule and drive to the service center just for a consultation with the technician. You can also send a 60-sec video explaining everything in detail.

2. Text Messaging

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to stay engaged with their customers through different communication platforms. Many organizations use emails for communication, but sometimes emails are overlooked or may not even reach the recipient’s email address.

Singlethread offers a text messaging service to engage its customers directly. You can contact the technician directly via text messaging. This allows the vehicle owners and the technicians to communicate quickly to resolve minor issues remotely if possible.  

Through text messaging apps, you can communicate in real-time, and the technicians can update their clients on the progress. Furthermore, your data and information are 100% secure and kept confidential.

3. Contactless Payments and Estimates

Contactless transactions are the safest payment mode during the era of Covid-19. Singlethread offers contactless estimates and payment facilities to its customers.

After performing the video inspection, the company sends the videos and estimate digitally to the customer. This way, the customer knows exactly what they are being charged for.

This method is far safer than physical interaction between the customer and the dealer. We also allow you to incorporate new information seamlessly with your current dealer, sparing you precious time.

So now, in case your car breaks down you can contact Singlethread and get your work done in no time while saving up on fuel, time, and money!

Singlethread in Atlanta, GA offers a seamless and unified communication system that covers text messaging, vehicle inspections, mobile payments, chat support, and customer follow-up. Get a live demo of our premium services!