How Singlethread Improves The Auto Repair Experience For Clients

How Singlethread Improves The Auto Repair Experience For Clients

One of the most inconvenient situations a person can be in, in their life is when their car needs servicing. They cannot use the vehicle to its full capacity without getting it fixed because the functionality is hindered.

Getting it repaired costs them both money and time. And if the repair service is inefficient, then the whole process can quickly turn into an unnecessarily long nightmare. But what if we tell you that we have a way to make the auto repair process seamless and hassle-free for your clients.

Single Thread offers a seamless automatic text messaging system to automotive businesses in Atlanta, GA, so that customers can stay updated continuously with their vehicle’s condition at every stage of the repair process. Click here to get a free live demo.

Imagine being the only dealership in the vicinity to offer clients matchless auto repair services that are easy and hassle-free. You would get more referrals and return customers than a fast-food joint!

Do you want to know how this can happen? Have a look.

Quick Communication

Single Thread provides car dealerships with an automated text messaging service that they can use to correspond with their clients and send marketing messages (if clients have agreed to it).

Clients do not have to constantly check their email, worry about missing a call from the dealership or pay regular visits. Whenever their car would be ready, they would be informed about it within minutes, which will reduce the chances of miscommunication or delays.

Constant Updates

Clients can enjoy full transparency when it comes to the condition of their vehicle. They will receive constant updates about the progress of their cars via text messages and videos. Also, they can carry out a real-time inspection from the comfort of their homes at any time. This diminishes the clients’ mistrust and worry.

Easy Payment

Carrying a substantial sum of money to pay the auto repair shop is not only unsafe but also tiresome and worrisome.

Therefore, many clients would prefer transferring the money to your account using Single Thread’s mobile payments option to capture payments from customers’ mobile devices and deposit it directly to your merchant account. It leaves behind a paperless money trail, which is easy to record and maintain.

Full Authority

Keeping the final decision-making authority slows down the auto repair process, but it is necessary to control costs.

Many times, when an expert opens up a vehicle to perform a specific repair task, they come across a number of other issues, which they cannot fix without your consent. And acquiring your permission to carry out additional repairs results in unnecessary delays.

But you cannot give full autonomy to the car mechanic because you are the one paying, and you know how much you can afford. So the simple solution here is to use text messaging to get authorization on additional or unprecedented repairs. Clients can quickly answer back with a ‘Y’ or ‘N’ (yes or no), so you can get back to work within minutes. 

Single Thread is just what your auto dealership service team needs to provide an elevated auto repair experience to your clients in Atlanta, GA. Click here to get a free live demo.